This about page is going to serve two purposes. It will inform you about me and this blog.

Me: I am a follower of Christ. I know that I at times don’t do this well, but I strive to do better daily. I’m a mid-20s professional student of medicine at UMMC. I graduated from the Swalm School of Chemical Engineering at Mississippi State University. I love MSU and SEC sports. I live in Mississippi and attend church at Grace City Jackson. I have a passion for serving people and have found that this desire is most fulfilled when I can use my faith and medicine. I have spent 3 full summers in the Philippines doing medical missions. I love the people and country and have a “family” there. I love to know a little about most things. I find it helps me relate to people and engage them better. I am probably more of a geek than an athlete, but I lay claim to both titles. I am a technology, auto, outdoors, audio,  medical, and sports enthusiast. I know that sometimes I come across as arrogant, brash, or talking down to people. I hate these things and daily try to mold myself in such a way that humility, boldness, and gentleness may define me. I am experimenting with this blog. That being said,  I hope I can provide some enjoyment or insight to your life.

Blog: This is going to be multi-purpose site. In that, this is maybe not your typical blog, but it will contain some journal-like blog post. I have opened this as an experiment. I hope that I’m able to share a little about myself and enlighten you about different topics I’m interested in. If you like to read what I write, give me a follow, comment, or just visit occasionally to read. I will be moderating all comments in order to maintain a friendly environment. However, I will allow both positive and negative critiques of me or my writing (as long as it is not inappropriate or intentionally demeaning). Whether I’m posting about my  life, reviewing outdoor gear, gadgets, or just sharing a neat tidbit with you, I hope you enjoy and keep coming back. Feel free to check out my twitter feed on the left or sign up for a follow on the right.


One response to “About

  1. IHey, I have the same WordPress theme as you for my blog, I have set-up a static front page as my home page, created sticky posts with featured images that are at least 750 pixels wide, but still nothing is displayed on my home page.

    my site is http://davidackerman1984.wordpress.com/

    Any chance you can spare me a minute to tell me how you got your photo slider working on your home page?

    Thanks for your time!

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