Built For The Road Ahead….

Life leads up to moments. That’s how I view it at least. 90% of life is training for the 10%. I have recently finished by my first 2 years of medical school. Though some fun was had, let me be clear that I finished those two years feeling beaten and at times semi-depressed. For those that don’t know the 1st and 2nd year are basically the books and the student. There is very limited social interaction. However, very few of us actually signed up for those two years. We signed up for the last 2 years and beyond. Finally, I am here. See, I was “built for the road ahead.”

Tomorrow starts week 3 of internal medicine clerkship. That means I have spent the better parts of my last 2 weeks working long hours. Some say that the newness will wear off. Well I sincerely think, that the odds are it won’t. See I was built for this. I get to actually take care of, speak with, and love on people. This is the start of the rest of my life. It is wonderful. I have tons more to learn, and wonderful people to teach it to me.

I can’t explain the joy that accompanies me as I walk to the hospital from my apartment. It’s not like every day is fun. Lectures are still there and still boring for the most part. Patients can be frustrating. My lack of knowledge compared to my more experienced colleagues frustrating. Getting your computer and tablet stolen is still a pretty big bummer in life (this didn’t happen at work, but did happen).  But I’m still joyous. See I have a God who has a plan for my life. He made me. So this chance to care for people and learn at the same time. The worst day is still better knowing that I get to do it again tomorrow.

It’s only going to get better. I’m only going to get better. That’s the plan set before me. But don’t worry. God continually is building me for the road ahead.


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