No one told me camping could be this comfortable…..

SMr Hammock between MJ Santos and Butuan

I got the opportunity to get a hold of a “Pares” hammock and nubé sleep system, pre-release I guess you could say. What would be a good first test? How about a third world country in the jungle? It accompanied me to the bukid (cebuano for extremely hard to get to/live place). I had used a therma-rest sleeping pad the previous 2 summers (which compared to the ground a Therm-a-Rest Pro-lite is gold, it will get it’s own review later probably). Let me just say the sleeping pad got slept on maybe 3 nights out of the 55+ nights this past summer. This hammock is the larger of the two sizes (solo and pares) with the “nubé” added. Some of my partners had other hammocks. Lets just say everyone wanted some time in the SMr pares.

Put this next to another “double” hammock and you can def see where painstaking design and testing makes a difference. The material has just the right amount of hug and feel. It has made it the past year with no runs or tears while several “other brand” hammocks didn’t make it that summer. At comparable weight and price, You seriously are missing out if you go buy any other brand’s hammocks. At 27.5 oz and much larger (read: more room to get comfortable) than a typical double, with straps included. SMr is the real deal. I thought Richard was crazy for trying to “reinvent the wheel” so to speak. Well he shocked me. This isn’t just a hammock & rain-fly, its a PARES & Nubé. And the jungles, mosquitos, and tropical rain (read: torrential monsoon downpours) of the Philippines coud testify to durability of this as well.

But wait… the best part hasn’t even been said. The founder of SMr is driven to change the world for the better.

Oh yeah, when you like, buy, promote SMr. You are helping provide clean water in places of the world were infants die and people stay sick because they have no clean water. Water borne illness is the #1 killer of infants and #2 killer of children worldwide. Resulting in 1,500,000 deaths each year (WHO stats).

Seriously! Go to and check out how quality gear, water, and life can all be mixed into one. Make sure you check out the about page while you are there as well!

– Jordan I, 190+ days and nights testing out equipment in some of the craziest jungle conditions known to man as well as just surviving some mississippi nights.


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